Coldstream Conservation Area (Visual Tour)

Time for another Visual Running Tour. This time I hit up Coldstream Conservation Area in Ilderton, Ontario.

It’s always nice to see a map at the start of a trail.

I don’t understand why this is called a beach area. How can you have a beach area when there is no swimming allowed? Is it still a beach at that point?

It’s basically a pond. You can see how it stops suddenly at a dam.

Time to hit the trail now.

These grates were interesting. I think they are there to allow you to walk over mud. Fortunately, it wasn’t muddy during my run.

Don’t you just love this bridge?

I think we’ve found the “coldstream.” I didn’t jump in to see if it lives up to its name though.

This trail meanders through a cedar swamp, a very rare type of wetland for southern Ontario. A boardwalk takes you through the oldest, most mature part of the cedar swamp.*

Here’s the boardwalk. I love how it curves and darts out at different angles.

I like how the green of the trees peaks out from all around me in this shot, even though most of the leaves have fallen from the trees. Autumn seems to have come rather quickly this year.

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this Visual Tour of My Run through Coldstream Conservation Area. It’s located just outside of London, Ontario and would make a great day trip for a picnic and a trail run.

* taken from The Ontario Trails website