Classified – I Love It (Chase March Flip)

Canadian hip-hop icon, Classified, is running a contest right now.

The challenge is to take any beat from his new EP “Time” and create a verse over it, but it can only be thirty seconds long.

I flipped “I Love It” that had Just Chase on it. Now it’s got Chase March.


I move quickly through the woods or a deep crowd
bumping the tunes loud, folks get down and hear the sound
I’ll do this till everyone’s out
Digging through the records, buried by large playlists and crates, how
do I get appreciation from the ones I adore,
done this before, always dedicated
all I ever needed was dope beats, clever rhymes
in this day and age that’s harder to find
I grew up with Classified, and P-Premier
they both still here
now my time’s filled,
like my hard drive with classic tracks
that’s my thirty seconds and that’s phat.

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