Clash of the Titans

Two of the biggest names in hip hop right now are coming out with albums today. It’s been billed as the Clash of the Titans. Two giants in the industry competing over sales. Kayne West vs. 50 Cent.

I can’t remember something like this happening in recent memory. I know that artists have to compete for sales all the time. But it seems that big name artists in hip hop strive not to share release dates. This one is being propped up for some reason. It has become an event.

Both of these artists have several albums under the belts. Both have enjoyed crossover success. And both have already released successful singles and videos from these albums. 50 Cent has even reportedly stated that he would quit if Kanye West out sells him.

I really want to see how this plays out. I love Kanye West. He has produced some of the best songs in the past several years and was well known in the industry before he even dropped his debut album. 50 Cent also became well known in the underground scene before being picked up by a major label. The success stories are very similar.

I personally don’t like 50 Cent. I like that Kanye writes songs that say something. He has clever rhymes and word play. His production skills are amazing. 50 Cent does not impress me at all on the mic. His lyrics seem simple and contrived. His topic choice also leaves much to be desired. But that is neither here nor there. He sells records. Lots of them.

One interesting thing is how the media has been covering this. Both artists will be taking over BET’s 106 and Park tomorrow. The main event. The Clash of the Titans. I will be tuning in for this event for sure.

50 is outspoken and has a charisma that draws people in. Kanye always speaks his mind and is known to be cocky and arrogant. This seems like a perfect battle. 50 vs Kayne. Who do you vote for?

7 responses to “Clash of the Titans”

  1. ECD: If anyone deserves a thoughtful blogging award, it is you.

    You have opened up the blogging world of so many. You continue to influence me in ways I am sure you don’t even realize. I count you as a friend and am thankful for all that you do in the blogosphere.

  2. Would it be ok for me to vote for the movie Clash of the Titans instead?

    I always wanted a gold owl.


    I’m afraid I know neither of those artists.

  3. And then, there’s Dawn.

    Just kidding.

    Redheads rule the world.

    Perhaps, dear Dawn, Mistress of Multiple Dogs, You could persuade one of the aforementioned hip hop artists to part with a gold tooth, that could be refashioned into an owl.