Chesney Wilderness Area Trail

Chesney Trail

Let’s explore Chesney Conservation Area, also known as Chesney Wilderness Area Trail.

Chesney Trail Map

You can access the trail quite easily off of Highway 401. Take exit 250 and pass the truck stop. The trail is only a kilometer or so down the road on the right hand side.

Chesney Trail Start

There were quite a few mosquitoes out when I ran this route, but I always find that if I keep moving, they can’t keep up with me and it really isn’t a problem.

Chesney Trail Hill

I love that the trail was clearly marked and had a few small hills.

Chesney Trail Marking

This trail marker looks like it has seen better days though.

Chesney Trail obstacle

I wasn’t sure but it looked like this portion of the trial was closed. It had brush completely blocking it. But I made my way around it and kept running.

About a kilometer or so further down the trail, it got quite narrow and overgrown, so I turned around and finished my route by running back and connecting to the rest of the loop.

The trail is only 2 kilometers long so I added a run out towards the main road and back.

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