Check the OR

I used to watch Much Music all the time. I paid careful attention to Canadian acts because I wanted to stay in touch with our homegrown talent.

I remember catching this video from a group called Organized Rhyme. The tune was quite catchy. I liked the old school vibe and the way the two MCs flowed. I also like how funny the video was. They were goofy fellows who just seemed to be having fun with the music. That is what hip hop should be about.

You may recognize one of the members of this group. He has gone on to do a lot of things; including talk shows, movies, and albums. His name is Tom Green. This album shows that he can spit serious rhymes. He is mainly a comedian these days but in the Organized Rhyme days he was both a comedian and a rapper. It was a nice balance that really worked. I really enjoy the one and only album that they managed to put out. Check my review of the album here.

Well, enjoy this video. It really takes me back. I think they recorded it in late 1991 and it came out in 1992. It became quite the hit in 1992 and 1993.

Now check out this interview they did.

I hope you enjoyed this look back into Canadian hip-hop.