Chasing September – How Far We’ve Come

Look back, what was around that bend? How far have we come?

Now’s a good time to explore those questions with another edition of Chasing Content.

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Scrabble is Always Super

My wife bought me Super Scrabble for Christmas and I not exactly sure why. I mean, obviously I love Scrabble and have a collection of different types of the board game, but she isn’t too keen on playing any of them with me.

Maybe I can get a little competitive while playing. Maybe I get obsessed with spelling words that rack up a large amount of points. Maybe I don’t like losing. That’s how she feels, anyway.

So, how would we play a game that has twice as many tiles as the original with an even bigger board?

Last week, I had the perfect solution. I opened up the, as-of-yet, unused game and set it up on a table in the basement. [Keep Reading]

Lightning Strikes Twice for The Flash

A lightning storm imbues several people with super-speed. Most of the new speedsters don’t know what to do with their power. Star Labs opens up a training facility and The Flash even teaches a few of them some of the ropes. His new role of teacher is something that is surprised to find out that he enjoys.

Of course, not everyone decides to use their powers for good. A few people go on a crime spree, but The Flash is able to stop them. One new speedster even discovers Barry Allen’s secret identity. If that weren’t enough, Barry has to discover what is causing the speedforce storm and how to stop it. He also needs to find a way to defeat the evil speedster known as Godspeed. [Keep Reading]

In-Depth and Exclusive with Bif Naked

I have been a fan of Bif Naked ever since I first heard her music back in the mid 1990s. She’s released nine albums on her own label, racked up film credits, released a memoir, and toured relentlessly, all the while keeping a smile on her face. She is upbeat and positive on social media and just as much so when I spoke to her on the phone last week.

This interview aired directly after my hip-hop mixshow, Word is Bond Rap Radio. It features an in-depth discussion and these tunes. [Click through to hear the interview]

The Night Before the First Day of School

School is going to look a lot different this year.  Why not look at these poems and words of advice for getting the new school year off to a great start. [Start Reading]

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