Chasing Content with Force

Chasing Content with Force

Don’t look now, Stormtroopers are on your trail. The only way to lose them is to speed through the archives on your hovercraft. They won’t be able to catch you as you scroll through the blog entries from last year at this time.

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On Tour With TempoMental

Last year, I got to be the tour DJ for every stop of TempoMental’s “The High Road Tour.” TempoMental even came on my radio show to talk about it. It was an absolute blast!

Not Your Usual Time Travel Romp

We didn’t get the future we were supposed to have. Remember when we all thought that by the 2000s we would have flying cars and robot maids? Well, that actually did happen. It was thanks to a renewable and clean source of energy that was created in 1965. And it changed everything. That’s the premise behind this amazing book by Elan Mastai. It was really hard to put down both physically and mentally.  [Keep Reading]

Everwood is Perfect

Everwood is perfect television and hands down one of the best programs of all time.I recently finished  watching the entire series again, this time with my wife who had never seen it before. It was nice being able to watch it again with a fresh set of eyes. This was my fifth time making my way through the whole series. There are only two shows I have seen more times, My So-Called Life, and Star Trek, and while those are great shows, the completeness of this one makes it superior. [Keep Reading]

Star Wars Day

It’s a bad pun, but it has started a yearly celebration of everything Star Wars. One of the slogans in the franchise is, “May The Force Be With You” and since May the Fourth sounds very close, fans have taken that and run with it. So don’t forget to celebrate it! [Keep Reading]

Thanks for Chasing Content

Thanks for Chasing Content with me. This is a feature that I do monthly to look back at some of the exciting things that were happening here on Silent Cacophony last year. You can click through to the archive to read these “best of” posts for every single month I have blogged. Cheers! [Keep Exploring]