Chasing Content This Winter

It’s time for another edition of Chasing Content, that monthly feature that has us looking back at what was happening here last year at this time.

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Winter Trail Hike

If you follow this blog, you will know that I am an avid trail runner when there is no snow on the ground. I normally take the winters off from running completely and never venture out on a trail until the early spring. But for some reason, last year at this time, I decided to go on a winter hike. Here is the recap of my adventure.

Lyrical Mind’s Birthday Bash

This year, the annual birthday bash concert will be back in London, Ontario. It will be on Friday January 12th this year if you’d like to stop by.

The Martian – Book vs Movie

I really enjoyed reading The Martian, a story about an astronaut who gets abandoned on Mars and has to fend for himself against all odds. It was a great story filled with adventure, suspense, and humour. The movie was fairly well done as well. But which one is better?

Music Teaching Plans and Resources

I shared my semester plan for Grade 11 instrumental music last January as well as several other resources. This year, I will be teaching an electronic music class and will be sharing resources from it as well.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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