Chasing Content – The Top 5 of Last November

chasing-content-1At the start of every month, we take a moment to look back at what was happening exactly one year ago. This lets us look back at the best posts this blog has to offer and to relive some great moments.

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Record Collecting is for Everyone!

I had to read this book simply because it was titled Record Collecting for Girls. I wanted to see the feminist spin on this topic. It reminded me of bell hooks, Feminism is for Everybody!

My 2015 Running Season

I really enjoyed having data on my phone last year and using this running app. It gave me all sorts of interesting data on my running times, distance, and habits. Too bad I had to get rid of data this year. I just couldn’t afford it anymore. I really did miss this app though.

Hawkeye – Avenger or Weapon

I finally got around to reading the entire series and the next two runs of the title as well. I will be blogging about them soon.

Laurier Woods Trail

Last year at this time, I visited North Bay and got a trail run in. It was a beautiful run with some interesting landscapes and a field of inukshuks.

Schools Can Be So Much Greener

I think schools need to be transformed on so many levels. This is an interesting post that I hope someone in power will take note of.

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