Chasing Content – The Best of Last June

Chasing Content (2)It’s time for another edition of Chasing Content, that monthly feature that looks back at what was happening last year at this time.

You can read all of the posts from last June . . . 

or just these favourites!

Artists Don’t Have a Never-Ending Well

Art is worth something. It actually takes work and not everyone has an infinite amount of creative potential within them. This is a great post explaining how that works.

Classrooms are Irrelevant 

The public education system is broken. I’ve known that for a long time. I tried to fight against all the aspects of it I didn’t like, but it was impossible to enact any sort of change. Instead, I just got more and more discouraged. I am seriously thinking about starting my own school. Hopefully I can make that happen.

Get It Done – It Only Takes 15 Minutes a Day

Great advice for anyone who wants to create and simply can’t find the time. All you need is fifteen minutes, Seriously. It’s that easy!

The Rap Guide to Evolution

Baba Brinkman combines stage theatre, education, and hip-hop into brilliant presentations. I interviewed him on my radio show and also ran one of his TED talks on the program. Be prepared to be educated and entertained at the same time. Science and hip-hop unite!

What’s the Point of All This?

Here’s what to say next time a student asks you this question about what you are learning in the class.

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