Chasing Content – The Best of Last January

Chasing ContentIt’s time for another edition of Chasing Content, that monthly feature that has us looking back at what was happening here last year at this time.

So, jump on the train and lets travel back to last January.

Read all of the posts from January 2014 or just these highlights . . .

Create Visual Poems with Your Students

It’s important to get students creating in the classroom. I really love the idea of playing with poetry to make it visual somehow. Why not try this with your class and see what brilliant things your students can do.

Winter Camping

My dad passed away last year. I wanted to share some of my favourite memories with him. The time we went Winter Camping was one of those great stories that I will tell again and again. I’m glad I finally wrote it down.

8 Tips for Young Musicians

I paraphrased these tips from a book I was reading on creativity to fit the needs of the young musicians I teach. I think it is a great list for anyone just learning to play an instrument.

Know Your History Season 4

Know Your History is a monthly documentary radio series I produce about hip-hop music and culture. Last year, I did episodes about the history of radio broadcasting, women in hip-hop, hashtag rap, storytelling rhymes, metaphors, concept songs, and much more. You can download the entire fourth season  in one handy zip file.

Recommended Read – Will and Whit

I really loved this graphic novel by Laura Lee Gulledge. I had to add it to my recommended reads list.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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