Chasing Content – The Best of Last August

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The summer is slipping by . . .

It’s August already and I am wondering where the time went . . .

And as I look back at what was happening on Silent Cacophony last year at this time, I remember some of these posts like they were yesterday.

Time is such a strange thing, isn’t it?

That’s just one of the reasons we take a moment at the start of every month to look back at the month that was last year.

Welcome to the August 2013 edition of Chasing Content. Please click on the links and enjoy this trip down memory lane. There’s no need for these great posts to get buried in the archives!

Read all of the posts from last August or just these highlights!

Stratford’s All Wheels Skatepark

I had a great skate here last year. I should go back this summer! If you love skateboarding, you should click through so you can see the ramps and explore some of the other great skateparks in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Breathtaking Sidewalk Art

These chalk drawings that seamlessly blend it to the environment are amazing! Don’t take my word for it either, click through and be blown away!

Connected by Books

I just read a book quite similar to this one, Six Pixels of Separation. It’s amazing to see how close we all are. We really should remember this and be nicer to each other.

Scrabble Wars

I managed to win two back-to-back Scrabble games last year with the exact same score. Pretty cool!

Know Your History – Storytelling Rap

I love this episode of my hip-hop documentary series. It’s all about the power of storytelling and how it is done in rap music. I know I have been slacking with the blog this year in transcribing and posting episodes. I hope you have been following the podcast on The Word is Bond so you’ve heard them all. If not, go now and check out this year’s episodes.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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