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It’s time for Chasing Content, that monthly trip through the archives to see what was happening last year at this time right here on Silent Cacophony.

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Know Your History – Don’t Quit Your Day Job

This is a radio special I did about actors who decided to try their luck in the rap game. These career moves weren’t the best idea, however. Tune in to hear some great stories about how hard it is to make this transition. Other than Drake, not too many people have been able to pull it off. So, don’t quit your day job people!

Basil Grover Skatepark

This isn’t the best skatepark I have ever seen but it is a nice place for an afternoon skate. The grind areas are perfect for someone just starting out or an old cautious guy like me.

Juliet Lives

I love this play that my students and I co-authored. It’s a great spin on the iconic tale of Romeo and Juliet. In our version, Romeo is murdered and Juliet and her friends try to discover who did it and why. It is hilarious and you can download the PDF for free. Enjoy!

Summer’s Gone Lesson Plan

Here is a great lesson plan using the song, “Summer’s Gone” by Buffalo Tom. I adopted the Literature Circle approach for the music classroom. These free worksheets can be used in many different ways too. It’s well worth the click-through.

The History of Radio Broadcasting

I loved this episode of Know Your History. I traced back the popularity of radio to the first on-air woman deejay over one hudnred years ago. Pretty amazing stuff!

Our Classroom Rules Apply to the Teacher Too

I’ve been doing a lot of reading over the past few weeks about classroom management. I think I am going to keep my rules as they are though. I already made these snazzy posters and I like how the are phrased and pictured.

Use Class Rules to Correct Behaviour

These are great tips for handling discipline problems by simply referring back to the classroom rules.

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