Chasing Content – September 2009

Hey Everybody,

It’s time to dig through the archives and unearth the best posts from last September in a little feature I call Chasing Content (don’t you just love the pun?)

You can read all of the posts from September 2009 here or you can read through these ones I really like.

Please leave a comment on these posts too. It’s always great to hear from you.

Know Your History – This was the very first installment of the monthly feature I started for DOPEfm. In it, I explore the history of hip-hop culture. Each episode is 30 minutes long and you can download them or read the transcripts on the blog.

I am a bit behind in this series. We’ve aired six episodes. I’ve produced seven, but have only blogged three. Boo! I intend to correct this and have all twelve posted by the end of the year. Stay tuned.

Where are the Desks? – I really throw my students for a loop when I remove all of the desks from the classroom on the first day of school. But I have my reasons …  and it really works!

My Top 5 TV Shows – I shuffled my all-time favourite shows around a bit and explained why.

Teaching Tip Tuesday – Map Adventures – I so love this resource. I especially like starting the school year with a mapping unit and this one is awesome.

The Problem With Want – I originally wrote this in my journal and I liked it so much that I rewrote for the blog.

Everyone is a DJ – Whenever you decide to change the radio station in the car, or switch a CD at home, or skip to another track on your MP3 player, you are doing exactly what a DJ does.

2 responses to “Chasing Content – September 2009”

  1. Hi Chase .. I love your blog .. because there's always something different to read, learn about or people to meet .. so keep on posting .. and I'm going to have a look at Map Adventures .. seems up my street ..

    Good luck with getting everything ready – without desks .. happy fun times at school .. Hilary