Chasing Content – September 2007

Chasing Content - September

It’s time for a second dig through the archives this month. Let’s go back in time to 2007 and look at what was happening here on Silent Cacophony at that time.

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Stephen King’s “On Writing”

I can’t say enough good things about this book. It deserves more than a few paragraphs singing its praises. This is a must read for every writer out there and for anyone who appreciates the craft of writing fiction.

Anyone Remember Reaper?  

I remember enjoying the show that I called “Joan of Arcadia in Reverse.” So you remember either of these shows? One was a drama that could get rather gritty or dark. The other was a drama with a lot of comedy. They were both very entertaining and I’d love to revisit them again.

Hate Me and Blame Me

This post is about two pop songs that resonated with me back in the day. One was about giving an ex-girlfriend permission to hate him. The other is about assigning and accepting blame. Together, they say a lot. I still really like this post and the message.

Free Preview

I remember watching music television and absolutely loving the medium. Back in 2007, I found a brand new music video channel that focused on hip-hop and R&B and I watched it for hours. I wish we still had something like this. It was great!

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