Chasing Content – Run After It, Always!

Chasing ContentIt’s time to chase after that great content that can easily escape us and get buried in the archives.

We do this at the start of every month here at Silent Cacophony in a little feature we call, Chasing Content.

Explore all of the posts from last March or just these favs.

Make sure to click on the links and go exploring. You never know where this journey may take you.

Get The Teaching Job You Want

Some great advice for occasional or supply teachers on helping to secure that full-time teaching position.

Increase the Fun Factor at School

I am working on a research project right now about getting students more engaged in their learning. Teach Like a Pirate is a great program that does just that. I have used a few of these techniques already. I recommend it highly.

Word is Bond Rap Radio 3rd Anniversary Show

I threw a party at the radio station to celebrate this milestone last year. My 4th Anniversary Show goes down in two weeks, If you want to be part of it, hit me up!

Watch for this Title on the Bookshelf

I really enjoyed this science fiction trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer.

Lot of great content coming this month!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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