Chasing Content – October 2012

“There is treasure in those thar archives,” said the blog prospector.

So, he pointed his browser to Silent Cacophony and discovered all of the great things that were happening right here one year ago.

And you can too.

Read all of the posts from last October. 

or just these special ones.

Tall Black Guy Interview and Mixset

I’ve been so swamped lately that it’s been impossible for me to transcribe interviews. I love being able to read them on this site as well as listen to them via podcast. Fortunately, I did get this one typed up. I hope you enjoy it!

Talia Soghomonian Interview

I interview author Talia Soghomonian and we talk about some of our favourite books. Read it or listen. It was a fun interview!

Swayze Falls Trail – Short Hills Provincial Park

This was a really fun run. There were some hills, bridges, and great views as I made my way to the feature attraction – the pretty much non-existent waterfall. It’s a good story too. Click through to read more.

Getting Older and Feeling It

This back injury sparked up again this summer. It sucks getting old.

How to Use a Paper Towel

This video changed my life. I’m not even joking. I use less than half the amount of paper towels that I used to. That’s a good thing.

200,000 Page Views

Last year at this time, I hit the 200,000 page view milestone. It felt really great to know that many people have visited my site and read my content. Last week. I hit 300,000. Hopefully things will continue to pick up. Thanks for sharing this ride with me!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!