Chasing Content – October 2010

Let’s take a trip to the past today.

We are going to go back exactly one year and look at what was happening here on this blog back in October 2010.

You can read all of the posts from last October or just these few favourites.

Teaching Math With Smarties – Smarties are amazing. Not only are they a great candy, but they can also help you teach just about every math concept there is. Surprisingly, these tips will work for students from Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 8.

Meadowlilly Woods – I really enjoy running here. Meadowlilly Woods is just one of a few great trails you can find in The Forest City of London, Ontario.

Language is Fascinating and Hip-Hop Uses it Well – I loved reading this scholarly book and finding that the author used hip-hop as an example. Hip-hop is starting to be taken seriously by academics, and it’s about time.

Why We Should Treat Thanksgiving as a Fresh New Start – Many people decide to make major life changes on January 1st every year. I think the start of the new calendar year is probably the worst time to make a resolution. Instead, I suggest we do so on Thanksgiving Day.

Down With Webster Interview – I had the chance to interview pop-rock-rap group Down With Webster before they took to the stage at the CNE last year. It was a great concert and an amazing interview. And it also turned out to be one of our most-downloaded shows.

Femininity in Hip-Hop is Here– This music video by Mala Reignz blew me away. It really got me thinking about the role of women in hip-hop, set the stage for our International Women’s Day Tribute Show, and even an interview with Mala Reignz herself.

Last October was a great month here on Silent Cacophony.

Here’s wishing that this year is just as great!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

GIF Image originally from Tumblr.