Chasing Content – November

At the start of every month, we take a moment to look back at what was happening exactly one year ago. This lets us look back at the best posts this blog has to offer and to relive some great moments.

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The Write Club – National Novel Writing Month at School

It’s National Novel Writing Month and there are all sorts of great resources that you can use in the classroom. I tried it last year and had kids excited about writing. It was a beautiful thing.

The Taylor Swift – Tiffany Connection

Taylor Swift has amassed more records, tours, and album sales than Tiffany ever did. But there is a connection between my love of both artists. I was surprised when I made this connection.

Northern Lights Art Project

This is one of my favourite art lessons to teach. It’s based on a photograph and looks closely at how a background source of light affects a foreground image. Plus, I just really love this picture and the art it inspires.

Fanshawe Park – Lake Trail

This trail is 21 kilometers and traverses through some very nice scenery. I really enjoyed running the small portion of it that I did. I need to go back and run more of it.

How Successful Teachers Lead

I get teaching inspiration from everywhere . . . even a book aimed at business.

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