Chasing Content – May 2017

Here are some of the highlights from last May. Let’s relive these moments and not let them get buried in the archive

Tim Horton’s First Store (Hamilton, Ontario)

The first Tim Horton’s store ever was opened in Hamilton on Ottawa Street. The location has recently undergone a renovation that now includes a small museum highlighting their growth and history.

Binbrook Skatepark

It’s fun to hit the road and explore new skateboard parks. This one was a little out of the way but made for a fun day trip. The sight of the looming water tower and the mini-ramp made it quite the experience.

Educators Wear Many Hats

It’s time teachers take on new roles and add even more hats to the diverse collection we already wear.

“Teaching can’t stay in the past. We need to move on from old and outdated methods. We need to be pioneers, to innovate, and to continue to further our own learning, We need to incorporate new research into our teaching practice. And we can never lose out sense of adventure.”

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Chasing Content

Thanks for Chasing Content with me. This is a feature that I do monthly to look back at some of the exciting things that were happening here on Silent Cacophony last year. You can click through to the archive to read these “best of” posts for every single month I have blogged. Cheers!