Chasing Content – May 2013

Photo by terinea via Flickr
Photo by terinea via Flickr

It’s time to go digging through the archive to uncover all of the great things that were happening on Silent Cacophony last year at this time.

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The TARDIS Console Room Mega Set

Doctor Who Lego? This is just too awesome! There are other sets that I want to collect as well. But for now, this is the only one I have.

30 Things Wrong with Star Trek into Darkness

This movie was beyond horrible. I am often critical of movies. I like things like plot and story when it comes to my films. Call me picky. This was the laziest Star Trek vehicle I have ever seen. There is still life in this property. It just needs someone at the helm that respects the history and vision of Star Trek. I have high hopes that something nice will come together for the 50th Anniversary in two years.

My TARDIS is complete!

I love the full-size TARDIS I made last year. I think it turned out great! I’m working on the console room right now. And then I plan on making a fan film this summer. Stay tuned!

A Hip-Hop Tribute for Mother’s Day

I like this episode of Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. It’s about time we show love and appreciation for mothers in hip-hop music and culture.

Perfect Movie – Wreck it Ralph

This movie is so good. It manages to capture the old school single-screen video game world to life in a Toy Story kind of way.  It is completely original, has a great story, awesome animation, and amazing voice acting. It is quite simply, perfect, and I don’t say that often.

I Won a Skateboard Competition

I still can’t believe I won! That was a great day and I’ve been enjoying this board for several weeks now. Skateboard season is back in session!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me! We do this at the start of every month to highlight the best of the best from last year at this time. Check the archive for more great posts!

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