Chasing Content – May 2011

This month promises to be a good one here at Silent Cacophony. Running season has started and I will be out and about with my camera exploring some new trails. As such, you can look forward to weekly photographic tours this month.

I will also be posting the transcript of the interview I did with hip-hop artist Money Stax later this month. There is a lot of great content coming your way for sure.

But before all of that, let’s take a moment to look back at what we were doing here on the blog last year at this time.

It’s time for another edition of Chasing Content, that monthly feature that has us looking back at the month that was last year.

Read all of the posts from last May. . .

or just these extra-special ones.

Unscramble, Write, and Draw – The students in my class helped to create these simple activities and worksheets. You could try it too.

My Love of Running – I think I’ve always loved running. As a kid, my soccer coaches noticed that I had energy to spare and could actually manage to keep up with the ball no matter what side of the field it was on. They created a new position just for me. I became the team’s “floater.” I remember being so proud of that title and made-up position. I ran my heart out every game and in some ways I have never stopped running.

JC Poppe Interview – JC Poppe is a talented MC from Milwaukee who is very passionate about the local hip-hop scene. He writes and maintains an excellent blog that focuses on his hometown music scene. I caught up with him for this exclusive interview on DOPEfm.

How a Glue Stick Works – Even though this was an impromptu lesson, it remains one of the best lessons I have ever taught. It covers almost every aspect of the curriculum too.

Love to Hear Mandy Siegfried Speak – I love audio books but this is the first time I ever picked up a book based solely on the narrator.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me.

If you are new to Silent Cacophony and would like a great place to start, why not check out the Chasing Content Archive for a complete list of “Best Of The Month Posts”