Chasing Content – March 2010

Yes, but what time is it?Image by rbrwr via Flickr

It’s time for Chasing Content, that monthly feature here on Silent Cacophony where we take a moment to look back at the month that was.

Here are some of my favourite posts from last March.

A Song I Know All The Words To – Last year I did a 30 day music meme. It was a lot of fun putting it together. In fact, I just started a new one over on my Tumblr.

This was the Day 8 challenge. I picked 2Pac’s “Trapped” because I love the word play, the multi-syllabic rhymes, and how much presence he has on the microphone. Rest in peace to one of the greatest emcees to ever bless us with music.

Life Gives You Three Answers – My neighbour gave me some good advice and I wrote about it. He said that life gives you three answers; Yes, Yes but wait, and No. I had never thought of it like that before.

What Makes a Good Story – I think good stories are lot like recipes. Stories need certain ingredients. These ingredients can be tossed around and put in any order, certain ones can be left out entirely, and new combinations can be thought of on the spot. It s all about the skill of the cook writer.

Shad Interview – I was honoured to have the chance to sit down with one of Canada’s best rappers before his concert. All three of his albums have received critical acclaim on both sides of the border. This interview is well worth checking out.

37 Questions and Answers –  I found an interesting article listing several questions new writers should ask themselves. It seemed worth trying myself.

superGARAGE Interview – This was the very first interview I ever conducted way back in 1995. I was so nervous because this was also my favourite band at the time. I love their music and the energy they put into their live shows. That’s why I wanted to share this old gem with all of you.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. That last post took us back about 15 years. That’s the deepest we’ve ever dug here for Chasing Content. Thanks for joining me and please leave some comments below or on any of the above posts. I’d love to hear your thoughts!