Chasing Content – June 2012

Blog posts are like bubbles that look cool for a moment but can quickly disappear.

It’s time to go chase the bubbles and have some fun looking at the content that has gone flying by. We do this at the start of every month in a feature called “Chasing Content.”

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or just these shiny bubbles.

Recommended Read – The Book Thief

Last year, I decided to start blogging about every single book I read. I did it mostly to serve as a reading log and also as an experiment to see exactly how much I do read over the course of a year. Prior to this, I only blogged about books that I absolutely loved. The Book Thief definitely fits into that category and it’s why I had to bring back the feature Recommended Reads. This is an amazing book.

Everything is Getting Smaller (Except the Price Tag)

Have you noticed this? Food packaging seems to be getting smaller. Either you get less weight or volume in the packages or you don’t get as many items as you used to. Of course, the price of these items isn’t going down. This is quantity not quality, but it still bugs me.

Iceland Skatepark

Want to go skateboarding this weekend? Will you be in the Mississauga, Ontario area? Then you really need to go to the Iceland Skatepark. It is huge and definitely a great place to skate.

The Band Plays On – An Interview with Author Rick Niece

This was a fun interview with a fellow music educator and author. We talked about a lot of different things. It’s worth your time to read this post or listen to the podcast.

Happy Father’s Day – Hip-Hip Style

I looked at some important songs about fatherhood in rap music and played a few interview clips for this special edition of Know Your History. You can read the transcript, watch some embedded music videos, and download the podcast for free. I hope you enjoy the show!

Tallest Silver – My Favourite Cosplay Artist

Tallest Silver dresses up as various comic book characters and she looks good doing it. She’s definitely my favourite cosplay artist. One look at these pictures and I am sure you’ll agree with me. The cool thing is that she is shooting a web series right now with Kat Quinn. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!