Chasing Content – July 2012

It’s time for another edition of Chasing Content, that monthly feature that has us looking back at what was happening on the blog last year at this time.

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I’ve Been Saying It Wrong All This Time

How many phrases do we use all the time that we say slightly wrong and not even notice it? I found out that I’d been using one wrong when I finally saw it in print in a book I was reading. There are many phrases that I use that I have never seen in print. I wonder how many others I cam screwing up.

Scrabble Tiles, Word Games, and YA Combine in “Multiple Choice”

I love reading Young Adult fiction. I think this genre has some of the most open and honest storytelling that we can find these days. This book is one of the few that quite literally called to me when I saw it at the library. And it didn’t disappoint.

Mission 5: Now’s About Write

I formed a rap group in the mid 90s and we released two albums. This is our second release and one that I produced entirely by myself. Enjoy the tunes either via stream or free download.

Write Dangerously with Barbara Abercrombie (Podcast and Free Download)

I had a great conversation with Barbara Abercrombie regarding her book A Year of Writing Dangerously. It’s a book that every writer can find inspiration in. I just got her new book, Kicking In The Wall and hope to talk to her about it soon as well

The Carroll Trail – A Photographic Tour

I had a lot of fun on this run. It loops around a golf course and still manages to be a part of nature. If you find yourself in Tillsonburg, Ontario with some time on your hands, it’s worth the visit.

Not a Good Wedding Song (Listen to the Lyrics)

It surprises me when people don’t listen to the lyrics of a song. There are so many songs that people claim are romantic that really aren’t. I’ve heard dozens of “wedding songs” that don’t celebrate the institution of marriage. It really bothers me. How about you?

2 Late – A Mixtape

I’ve been listening to this one all week. It’s been a year since she and I broke up but I still think of her. I think I realized things too late in our relationship. This tape reflects my feelings quite well.

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