Chasing Content – July 2011

Tony Hawk invert
Tony Hawk invert (Photo credit: Raka18)

It’s time for that monthly feature we call Chasing Content!

This gives us a chance to look back at all the great things that were happening on the blog last year at this time.

Come explore the archives with me and let’s relive these great moments.

You can read all of the posts from last July . . . 

or just these favs!

Karma for the Comma – Commas are very important. They can change the entire meaning of a sentence in unintended ways. Just have a look and see!

Know Your History: Episode 16 – Ladies of the 80s – I love shining a light on the women in hip-hop. This was part of our special show celebrating International Women’s Day last year.

Shredding with Tony Hawk – Okay, I didn’t actually go skating with him but the video game is really cool. The skateboard controller feels authentic and I love playing it!

It’s Uphill, Both Ways – This was a really tough run. I went back and ran it two more times because I didn’t want it to get the best of me.

Teaching Tip: Summer Holidays – I usually stop posting Teaching Tip Tuesday content over the summer. I think it is important for teachers to take this much needed break. I’ve compiled lists of my tips by theme and have scheduled them to run throughout the summer. I am still taking my break though. You should too!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me. You can check the archive for “Best of” posts for every single month I have blogged.

Have a great summer!