Chasing Content – July 2010

Canadian ice dancers Scott Moir and Tessa Virt...Image via Wikipedia

It’s time to dig through some Gold Medal Content right here on Silent Cacophony. Literally!

I posted quite a few articles, interviews, and podcasts last July. But the highlight was definitely meeting and interviewing a number of Gold-Medal-Winning Olympic athletes.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me. Click through all of the links and feel free to leave comments as you dig through the archives.

You can read all of the posts from last July or just these few gems.


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Article – This is the first article I’ve had in print since the old days when I wrote for the university paper. I was so excited to be able to interview World Figure Skating Champions and Olympic Gold Medal winners Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I just had to share this with all of you. You can listen to the interview or download it for free as well.

Inspiring a Dream – London, Ontario celebrated all of their Olympic Athletes at this special event last summer. I got a chance to interview swimmers, Joe Barker, Joe Bartoch, and Darda Sales. I also talked to ski-cross athlete, David Duncan, and Gold Medal winner for speed skating, Christine Nesbitt. Check out the complete coverage here with free audio downloads as well.

A Beautiful Symbol – I never really though much about the symbolism of wedding rings before I read this comic book page. Here’s just more proof that you can learn a lot from fiction.

The Auto Shop Waiting Room – I was really bored waiting for my car to get fixed. I sat in the waiting room and decided to get creative and write this poem.

Eternia Interview – It was such an honour to interview Eternia. She is one of the best female rappers in the game. I loved her music before, but after meeting her, I love her even more. You will too after listening to this interview or reading the transcript.

Warrior in a Wheelchair – Here’s an article I wrote after meeting David Willsie, co-captain of The Canadian National Wheelchair Rugby team. He’s been to three paralympic games and was featured in the Oscar-nominated documentary Murderball He has a long list of athletic accomplishments and was very inspiring to talk to.

D-sisive Interview – I interviewed this Canadian rapper way back in 2001 for the university newspaper. I got a chance to interview him again for my radio show. Check out both interviews here as free downloads, podcasts, and articles.

Visual Running Tours – I love running. One day, I decided to take a camera along with me and snap a photo every few minutes. This started a little feature called Visual Running Tours. I have now documented twenty different running trails and continue to update this archive every time I find a new one.