Chasing Content – July 2009

Today we are going to look back at the best posts from this month last year.

It gives us a chance to look back at what was, and to anticipate the great content for the rest of the month this year.

This feature is called Chasing Content because there is no reason these posts should just sit in the archives.

You can read all of the posts I did last July or you can click on the links below to read these notable ones. I’d appreciate new comments on these posts as well. Thanks!

Running Passed the Farms
I love taking my camera with me as I explore new places to run. This time I was out in the boonies and running past some farm land to get to a small trail.

Run-DMC autograph

This is one of my most prized autographs in my entire collection. I absolutely love Run-DMC and still mourn the passing of the legendary Jam Master Jay.

Professional Development Shouldn’t be Expensive

Last year I finally upgraded my teaching credentials because my school offered to pay my enrollment. This year, I took a second course and I paid for it by myself. I am now qualified to teach any grade from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  I just wish these courses were cheaper. I won’t be able to afford to take another one now for quite some time.

WindchILL Interview

I had a lot of fun interviewing this rapper from Pennsylvania. We talked for over an hour and could’ve kept going all night long. It’s a good thing DOPEfm is an overnight show. I’m a big fan of this dude. He’s got a new album out now. Go look for his music, you won’t be disappointed.

Everwood Lives

I was really excited to see that Everwood is now available on DVD. It truly is an amazing show. I love how the four seasons of the show wrapped up perfectly with the series finale. That doesn’t happen often in television. This is picture perfect television that you really should check out.