Chasing Content – July 2007

Let’s convert our keyboards into time machines and travel back to July 2007 in the bonus edition of Chasing Content.

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Heartbeat: My Favourite BookHeartbeat by Sharon Creech is my all-time favoruite book. It is poetic and sounds beautiful when read aloud. I especially enjoy the audio book production of this story. It’s about a twelve year old girl who enjoys running simply for running’s sake. It works great as a novel study for the junior classroom as well.

Research has changed Dramatically – Gone are the days of card catalogue, encyclopedias, and waiting for information. Nowadays everything is available at a moment’s notice through your computer or mobile device. But I still think libraries are vitally important.

Me vs Myself and I’m Winning – Competing with yourself is essential. It is impossible to take on the world. You can take on yourself with ease though. Runners do this all the time and even have a phrase for it, “Personal Best.” To get a Personal Best (PB) means that you have topped your old time in a race; in effect you have competed against yourself and won.

Build a Bear – Spend a Fortune – This company is really good at what it does. Now, some five years after my first exposure to them, they are still going strong. Kids love the place and the experience but parents beware. It really is expensive.

3 Takes – I wrote a trio of poems on the same theme that tell one complete narrative. I don’t know why I haven’t published a poem in a while here on this blog. I should take this as motivation to get a new one up soon.

Remember Prisoners of Gravity? – It was a show about science fiction writing and it ran for five seasons. The story was about a pirate television broadcaster by the name of Commander Rick. He built a space craft out of his Camaro Z-28 and accidentally crashed into a communication satellite. Rick was then able to beam a weekly show about science fiction, comic book, and fantasy writing back down to earth. Why don’t we have a similar show to this on television these days? It was great!

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