Chasing Content – January 2009

The one bad thing about blogs is how quickly the posts get buried in the archives. It’s sometimes hard to stroll through the olds posts and relive the great articles and content that get published on a blog.

I try my best to make my content easily accessible. At the start of each month, I look back at that same month from the previous year and make a best of list. I call this feature Chasing Content.

I’m in the process of making these “Best of” lists for every single month I have blogged. That is why you are getting a second dose of Chasing Content this month.

Let’s go four years back into time and dig through the archives.

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or just these ones . . .

Best Teacher Ever – This was a great day and it’s nice to be able to relive it through the magic og the blog archive.

Why Do We Fall for 99 Cent Pricing? – Today, I bought a meal combo at A&W. It was a special promo for $5.00 tax included. I wonder why more things can’t be priced this way.

School’s Not Important – Please put a value on education and stop sending the message that school is not important. It’s important to me. I want to see your kids succeed in life, but I need your support. Thanks!

Everyone Wants to be Joan – This article reminds me of the stuff I used to write for the high school newspaper. It’s about the connections I draw between television shows. Some shows are built upon the success of others, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Love is a Mix Tape – I love mixtapes. This book practically called out to me when I saw in on the bookshelf. It was a great read too and might have got me back into the habit of making mixtapes again.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!