Chasing Content – January 2008

Chasing Content is a feature on Silent Cacophony that has us looking back at the best posts of the month that was.

Today, we travel back to 2008 to see what was happening here on the blog five years ago.

You can read all of the posts from January 2008 . . . 

or just these highlights

Why Can’t Teaching Be Like Coaching – When you coach, pretty much everyone on the team wants to be there and they will work hard to prove themselves. I sometimes wish teaching could be more like that as well. I am dedicated to what I do, I want my students to succeed, but not all of them put in the effort needed.

Give the Cameraman Some – I respect a good camera operator. It’s a lot tougher job that you might expect. Let’s celebrate the people behind the camera every once in a while.

Bring Work Home – It is impossible to carry out all the duties of a teacher in the course of a school day. Quite often teachers bring work home, work late, or go in early to get all of the day-to-day stuff done. We do this because we care.

Silent Cacophony is Third in Line – I really feel like I own the rights to the title “Silent Cacophony.” I was using it before I ever blogged.

I’ve held the number one search position for some time now and I am glad. But there is a new site that recently started operation under Makes me wish I’d bought that domain, but I always figured people wouldn’t know how to spell it. is a lot easier to remember.

My New Novel – I hope to get this novel polished and published this year. That’s my goal.

Thanks for the memories and thanks for Chasing Content with me.