Chasing Content – February 2014

Chasing ContentFebruary is the month of love.

And don’t you just love digging through the archives and reading the best of what Silent Cacophony had to offer last year at this time?

Of course, you answered, “Yes”

and will click on all of the links below to explore these great articles.

You can read all of the posts from last February

or just these favs . . .

A Recipe for Great Teaching

I love metaphors and this is a good one. Teaching requires a unique blend of ingredients perfectly combined and presented in a mouth-watering way. Check the recipe!

Fast Fiction – A Guide to Novel Writing

I enjoyed this book and need to work on applying some of its teachings this year. There’s tons of great advice in here that any writer of fiction can benefit from.

Valentine’s Day Hip-Hop Style

It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day hip-hop style. You can download or stream the last two years of our special programming to enjoy with your loved one!

Jalal of the Last Poets

I got to interview a legendary artist who helped inspire the culture of hip-hop we all know and love. He is a veteran of the game and a great poet / musician. Press play to be educated and entertained by one of our elders. Let’s celebrate music history!

A Great School Doesn’t Need a Building

This school takes place under a bridge and has very few resources. It has everything a school needs though; dedicated teachers and willing, eager students. It is truly an inspiring story.


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