Chasing Content – February 2012

Let’s jump back in time and look at what was happening right here on Silent Cacophony at this time last year.

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Play and Learn With Lego – Lego is quite possibly the best toy ever created. It allows kids to be endlessly creative and it has some great educational value as well. I use it the classroom and move beyond simply having a free time bin.

Tracking a Mixset -If you make a DJ mix using your computer, it’s easy to divide up your wave or MP3 file into separate tracks so you can skip through songs at your leisure. Here’s an easy way to do it for free.

The Help: Excellent Movie – I love this movie. I even read the book after it watching it. It’s an amazing story.

Transformers Autographs – I love collecting autographs from comic book artists. Here are a few of my Transformer ones.

Their They`re There – The English language is a crazy entanglement of confusing rules and spelling patterns. That being said, I think we actually need all three versions of there. I get really upset when I see the wrong spelling being used.

The Internet is full of people using the incorrect form of “there, their, or they’re,” and it frustrates me to no end. That is why when I saw this image on Tumblr, I laughed out loud and knew I had to share it with you.

Valentine`s Day: DOPEfm Style – I made this mix of romantic hip-hop songs for the radio program last year. There are some classics on here as well as more modern ones that show respect and admiration for the loves in our lives. Stream this mix or download it for free.

4 Hip-Hop Memoirs Worth Reading – These were great books about some amazing hip-hop artists. Highly recommended!

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