Chasing Content – February 2011

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It’s a brand new month. A short month but one with a lot of potential. Hopefully February 2012 will be just as much fun around here as February 2011 was.

It’s time to hit the road with the snowplough to see just what we can dig up.

You can read all of the posts from last February

or just these favourites . . .

Keep Shining, Together We Are Fireworks – Sometimes pop radio actually surprises me with content that actually says something. Wish it happened more often.

How To Find Time to Write – Brian Jenkins contributed this post that can help us all find the time to squeeze some writing into our busy and hectic schedules. I definitely used some of these tips to hammer out my novel last November.

1000th Post Celebration – Last year at this time, I reached a milestone. I wonder how long it will take me to reach 2000 posts.

Recommended Reads: The ShackThe Shack is novel by William P. Young that explores some interesting religious territory but makes it accessible for everyone.

Teaching Tip: Multi-Syllable Rhymes – Here’s a nice way to bring hip-hop and poetry into your Language Arts and English classrooms. I tried it with a Grade 4 class but it could work with any grade.

Flash Fiction: The Lonely Cactus – Here’s a short story I wrote as a Friday Flash. The goal was to write 1000 words. I really should work on writing another one of these soon.

Hope you’ve enjoyed Chasing Content with me.