Chasing Content – February 2009

Let’s take a moment to travel back in time and explore posts from nine years ago. It’s time for a bonus edition of Chasing Content. Let’s go!

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Who Watches TV on a TV anymore?

Nine years ago, it was still a novel idea to watch TV shows on something other than a TV. It seems to be common practice now. Although, television is still holding on and hasn’t gone extinct yet.

Everwood – Perfect Television

And still my all-time favourite TV show. It’s a shame that it isn’t on Netflix for everyone to enjoy. My wife and I just watched the show in its entirety. It was her first time watching it and my fifth or sixth. I am so glad that she loved it as much as I do.

Teaching Tip – Keep it at School

I started teaching again last year and I have been doing a lot of work at home. That is almost a necessity when you start teaching. However, everyone needs a home / work balance. As a teacher, it is sometimes hard to do that. That is why I recommend doing all of your school work at school so that when you are home, you can truly relax.

My Customized Batmobile

This was a lot of fun to build. I still have it too!

The Very First Teaching Tip Tuesday

I revived this series last year but didn’t keep it up as regularly as I had hoped. I plan to write many more tips this year. It’s a great way to share things that work in my classroom that will hopefully inspire you or save you time. This one is a personal favourite for classroom organization. And it is so simple!

Belly Sunday

I miss this band. I found that t-shirt and have it safely tucked away in my closet. I plan to break it out soon.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

I do this at the start of every month to relive the best posts from the year before. I have a missed a few months here and there but plan to catch up on them all. This trip down memory lane was a lot of fun. Thanks for being on the journey with me.