Chasing Content – The Best of Last November

It’s time for another edition of Chasing Content!

So click on all the links and take a trip back in time to relive all the great moments from last November.

or just these these super-cool ones

Peanuts Should Be Illegal – No they shouldn’t. Food alergies are scary. There is no doubt about that. But I don’t think banning peanuts or anything resembling them is the answer.

Ghettosocks Interview – DOPEfm was one of the sponsors of this show last year. It was really cool to sit down and talk with one of Canada’s best hip-hop talents. And podcasts are forever so listen anytime you want.

Page by Paige (The Book and The Mixtape) – I created this mixtape out of the love I have for the graphic novel. It is an amazing book and I hope an amazing soundtrack. The author loved what I did and even included it on her blog. That was so cool. Definitely a blog highlight!

Buzz and Praise for Redefining Masculinity in Hip-Hop – I am really proud of this article I wrote for The Word is Bond. It’s one of my favourite pieces of writing ever. It led to much bigger things for that site too, including the weekly podcast that I started up.

File Folder Seating Plans – This is a great tip for teachers and something that your supply teachers will love to have in your absence.  It’s the quickest asn easiest way to make seating plans. Another great Teaching Tip Tuesday post!

Komoka Side Trail – One of my favourite places to run in the entire province. Explore the photos and my running route and you’ll see why.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!