Chasing Content – August 2010

cascade construction
It’s the first of the month. Time for that super-awesome feature we call Chasing Content, where we take a moment to reflect on all this month had to offer last year.

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Thanks for digging through the archives and Chasing Content with me.

Carolinian Trail Visual Tour – I went camping last summer at Pinery Park and went for a really nice trail run there. You can explore this trail with me as I share photos and info about it.

Female are Killing It – Hip-hop seems to be a male-dominated art form but there are some amazing female rappers out there. I was in the midst of putting together a special radio show dedicated to the Women in Hip-Hop when a reader alerted me to this amazing artist, Dessa.

Green Army Men Skateboard – How cool is this image? I now have a Tumblr to share and collect cool images just like this.

Don’t Flaunt It – Here’s another great image that really got me thinking about public displays of affection in a way I never had before.