Chasing Content – April 2014

Chasing ContentToday, we can travel back in time with the simplicity of a mouse click. And that is no April Fools joke.

We do this at the start of every month by looking back at all the things this month had to offer last year. It’a best of list, making sure that great posts don’t get buried in the archives.

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Arthur and the Dragon: Integrated Drama Unit

I love this drama unit that brings a very good picture to life in creative ways. Arthur finds a large egg one day and decides to bring it home. He helps raise a nice and friendly dragon, but some people can’t see passed the fact that it is a dragon. Children love this book and all of the activities that you can do with it. This unit is completely free too. Why not use it in your classroom or theatre group?

Ruby Sparks – I fell in love with you too!

This was such an amazing movie. It shows the true power of writing and does so with a quirky story and great acting. I implore you to watch it and not fall in love with the title character. It’s just not possible to do so, in my humble opinion!

Short Term Self vs Long Term Shelf

Sometimes a picture really does speak a thousand words. I found this great image on Tumblr and it really got me thinking. This image would be great to use as writing prompt in school too.

Life on Mars – Perfect Television 

While this show was only on the air for two seasons, it really captivated my attention with a unique premise that was delivered it beautifully. The final episode tied everything together and gave us a great sense of closure. I love when television shows actually do that.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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