Chasing Content – April 2012

It’s the first of the month. Time to flip through the archives and uncover all of the great gems that were posted here last year at this time.

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Why Would Anyone Buy a Book? 

If I had to buy every book that I read, I would be completely and utterly broke. Thank goodness for the public library. I always have material out from the library whether it be books, comics, DVDs, or audiobooks. If I had an e-reader, I would want to borrow books for it as well. It’s much harder to do that right now than it should be.

DOPEfm Old School Mixtape

I made this mix for the radio show and then formatted it to fit on a CD with skippable tracks. Enjoy the old school hip-hop tunes!

A to Z Classroom Game

I made this game to play in the classroom on the Smartboard. It involves brainstorming and creative thinking. The object of the game is to come up with an item for every single letter of the alphabet according to a specific category. For instance, “Things that are Red,” a = apple, b = barn, c = car, etc. It’s a fun game and a free download.

What an Angry Father Taught His Daughter

I love talk radio. One of my favourite hosts is Jim Richards. I love what he had to say about this news item of the day a year ago. Brilliant stuff!

DOPEfm’s Women in Hip-Hop Roundtable

This was an incredible night of radio. We got three female emcees and a hip-hop promoter together in the studio to talk about issues surrounding women in hip-hop music and culture. It was such a success that we have now made it an annual tradition on International Women’s Day. Stay tuned to this blog for this year’s panel.

How To Make a Clean Version of Any Song

Some songs have objectionable content that you might like to edit out. Now you can do that quickly and for free. You can censor any bad language, cut the track short, or isolate just the part that you want. This is a handy tip for teachers.

Thanks for Chasing Content With Me

You can find these “Best Of” posts at the start of every month. It gives us a chance to relive some of the best posts of last year at this time. No sense letting these gems get lost in the archive.