Chasing Content – April 2010

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As we look forward to all that April has in store for us this year, let’s look back at some of the great moments from last April.

It’s time for “Chasing Content,” that monthly feature where we dig through the archives like the little miner from the Dig-Dug video game franchise. Remember that game?

Let’s dig!

You can read all of the posts from last April or just these gems.

Brother Ali Interview – I was honoured to meet Brother Ali last year. Not only is he an amazing songwriter and artist, but he is also one of the most coolest, down-to-earth rappers you could ever wish to meet. We had a two hour radio interview with him and his DJ, BK-One.

Everyone is a Resource – I went to a workshop on the music business and really enjoyed this pearl of wisdom from Nik Duncan, the Communications Coordinator for Norris-Whitney Communications. I think you will too.

We’re all in a Book – I think of life as a story that is developing as we go along. We are all characters with the ability to act and shape our own stories.

Could’ve Been My Wedding Song – I so love this song. I had it picked out to be my wedding song (but unfortunately, it was not meant to be) Now that I’ve had some time, I think I could realistically put it back on the proverbial playlist. It’s such a perfect wedding song.

A Song That Should Get Radio Play – This is just one example of a positive hip-hop song with a great message. These kinds of songs and artists rarely make it to commercial radio and that is something we truly need to change.

Thanks for digging through the archives with me. 

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