Chasing Content – April 2007

Chasing Content PictureI’m still working on making a “Best Of” post for every single month I’ve blogged. To that end, I thought I would serve you up a second edition of Chasing Content this month. This way we can look back at what I was doing five years ago at this time.

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Secret Origins – Well before I ever started this blog online, I started something very similar to it in an old coil notebook. I mused about those times five years ago when I wrote this article. That book was the first time I ever used the title “Silent Cacophony.”

Words Spoken are Not Premeditated – “Have you ever been surprised by what you said? Of course—but that would be impossible if you knew in advance what you were going to say.” What a great quote from Robert J Swayer’s novel Mindscan. It inspired this post.

Radio Theatre – I took my class to the radio station and we performed a radio play live on the air. It was an amazing evening that I just had to document.

Gender, Race, and Colour – I don’t think we need to use language that calls attention to one’s race, gender, or colour. Everyone is different and unique. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female, what race or ethnicity you are, or what colour your skin is. We are all people and shoudl be treated fairly and with the proper respect.

Cultural Influence – In this post, I discuss how my fiction writing seems to parallel my songwriting. It’s an interesting conection and I wonder if other writers find the same thing happens when they write.