Chase March Stays Active

I love running through nature trails and skateboarding at different locations. Whenever I find a new spot, I blog about it. There are plenty of pictures and a brief narrative about my experiences for each trail or skatepark. There are dozens and dozens of great places to get active. I hope to see you on the trails or at the skatepark!

Running Trail Tours

I love finding new places to run. I often take my camera along with me and stop every few minutes to snap a picture. This way I can present you with a photographic story that captures the scenery of my run. This page is a table of contents for these Photographic Tours. Hopefully, you will discover a new trail to explore.

Skatepark Tours

There are some amazing skateboard parks just waiting to be discovered. I love coming across a new one. Every time I do, I document it here. Hopefully, you will find a new park to skate in the process.

Hope to see you at one of these cool spots!

Be active and have fun!