Character Counts

Next week is National Character Counts Week. As a teacher, I strongly believe in character education. It is important to teach children these ethical values; Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship. The Character Counts website calls these traits the six pillars of character.

I have signed up with the website and they have some excellent resources for teachers. They send out email newsletters too. I received this one this morning and would to share it with you.

“Here’s a list of quick and easy ways to show good character-and make your corner of the planet a better place to be. Pass it to all your friends for CHARACTER COUNTS! Week, then use these ideas to practice good character all year long.”

Be sure to say please, thank you, and you’re welcome.

Don’t speed, even a little bit.

Give blood.

Tell someone they look great today.

See how many people you can compliment in a day.

Smile at someone who looks like they need a little cheering up.

Tell three people you haven’t met to have a good day.

Let someone go ahead of you at the grocery store.

Share your lunch.

Conserve energy by turning off the lights.

Don’t honk.

Don’t cut in line.

Send a thank you card just because someone did something nice.

Be extra-pleasant to a food server.

Recycle-put plastics, glass, and cans in their proper bins.

Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth.

Recycle grocery bags or bring your own canvas bags when shopping.

Ask to speak to a manager when you get good customer service.

Smile, even when you don’t know someone.

Let someone know how much you appreciate them (family, friend, colleague, boss, employee, law enforcement, cleaning crew at your job, security personnel, local mail person, day care provider.).

Offer a babysitting night.

Thank someone who allows you to change lanes in front of them.

Let someone pull out ahead of you.

Pick up something that fell down in a store (even if it wasn’t your fault).

Call a friend after going out with him/her and say you had a great time and appreciated their company.

Say “please” as many times as possible in one day.

For today, analyze the cost of being right.

Offer someone your help before being asked.

Say something nice to every person you meet in one day.

Donate to an organization you believe in.

Invite someone new to lunch.

Tip unusually well.

Ride, walk or carpool to work.

Buy coffee for the person behind you in line at your favorite café.

Pay for an extra toll at the toll booth for the person behind you.

Do your sibling’s or spouse’s chores for them.

Write a letter to a prisoner or soldier.

Tell your parents that they’ve done a great job.

Give someone a hug who really needs it.

Bring in coffee, donuts, or bagels for your coworkers.

Send your grandma flowers just because she’s special.

Be the first to say you’re sorry.

Use non-toxic cleaning supplies to help protect the environment.

Honor someone’s privacy by NOT sharing with anyone that juicy bit of unflattering gossip you learned about them.

Commit to making it through one whole day without saying one unkind word about anyone.

If that was easy, can you make it a week?

Find a way to show compassion for someone you don’t like or agree with.

Bring some paper goods or toiletries to a shelter.

When you take your dog for a walk, pick up someone else’s dog mess…while you’ve got that bag in your hand anyway.

Make it a point to vote.

2 responses to “Character Counts”

  1. I agree with you. I have a bit of a lead foot. I like to speed but I do realize that it isn’t the safest thing to do in some areas.

    It would be nice if people drove according to road and weather conditions, but they don’t. There is always some idiot who drives way too fast with total disregard for anyone’s safety. If drivers did a better job overall then I agree that we wouldn’t need speed limits.

    I think this topic deserves its own post. This could be quite a discussion. Maybe later.