Changing Face of Marriage

One of my friends said I should write a blog entry about the changing face of marriage these days. He thought it would be interesting to discuss how some woman are choosing not to take their husband’s name anymore. This sounds like a hot-button topic so I thought I’d tackle it here.

It used to be assumed that a wife would change her last name to that of the man she married. Now this is not a given anymore. Some women choose to hyphenate the two names, or not change their name at all. Why is this changing?

Marriage is supposed to be about coming together and truly joining another life. Changing your name is just a symbolic way to show that you have done this. It has meaning. It is bound in history and tradition. Now I know that the history hasn’t always been good but I think that has changed dramatically. Woman should be treated equally and with respect in the household. Changing your name does not denote ownership and mean that you release all control to your husband. If anyone would argue this fact, then they don’t understand the institution of marriage.

Marriage is changing in a lot of ways these days. But it should always be built on mutual respect and love. Marriage is a beautiful institution that I wish to be apart of some day. I hope I can find what my grandparents had. They had a loving relationship that was until death do they part. It was great to see.

I don’t know if marriage is in my future. If it is, I don’t think it would bother me if my wife does not take my name. I understand why women would want to keep their own last name. I don’t know if I would want to change mine. So much of our identity can be tied up in a name. All I know is that I want my children to have my name. That is important to me.