Celebrating our Athletes

I compiled all of the coverage I got from Inspiring a Dream: Celebrating London’s Olympic Athletes into one radio program. There are two parts to this show to allow for a commercial break at the half hour mark. In addition to the interviews I’ve run on this blog, I’ve added content that I recorded from the main stage during the presentations. This is new content that you haven’t heard yet if you have been following this blog.

There were a few swimmers in attendance and they joked with each other in a friendly way. Darda Sales was asked about the training they do and she mentioned waking up early, training, getting breakfast, and then if you’re Joe Bartoch, you go back to sleep. It was quite funny, I recommend you give it a listen.

This show has been aired on CFMU’s Morning File and will be rerun again shortly. Stay tuned to 93.3 fm weekday mornings if you live in the Hamilton area to catch this show.

If you’d rather listen to the individual interviews or read the articles I wrote, you can find them all here. Otherwise, go download Part 1 and Part 2 of the show. You will still hear the complete interviews as well as bonus audio in between. You can also stream it with the player below. Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Celebrating our Athletes”

  1. Hi Chase .. that's great that you've put these interviews together in one place .. and I'll be back to listen .. must get on with my move – imminent – a week away ..

    Have a good time .. now it's vacation time is it .. ie no school?! All the best Hilary