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Chasing Content - Sept 2008

Every month, I stroll through the posts I wrote last year at the time and create a small highlight reel of sorts. There are a few months I haven’t done yet, so I am trying to catch up. Let’s jump back in time, eleven years and see what was happening then.

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Chase March on a Podcast

As you know, I am passionate about hip-hop music. Well, yesterday, I got to take my passion to the airwaves. I joined the crew of Dope FM to help interview a rap group. [Keep Reading]

I had no idea how far radio would take me when I did my very first show as interview host and correspondent. It has been an absolute blast and I have loved every minute of it. 

Rabbit Ears and Wireless Internet

I get three channels on my TV that come in quite well. For the most part, that is enough for me. But I really wanted to watch the season premiere of Heroes on Monday. The problem was that it was on a channel that doesn’t really come in. [Keep Reading]

My wife has a full cable package with a digital recorder. We also have Netflix. And countless DVDs. The television options are virtually limitless now. But I truly think I could go back to watching TV like I did a decade ago. 

The Entire School Ran

Almost every school has a Terry Fox run yearly. The run was this past Friday at my school and it was amazing. All the students, teachers, and staff participated in it. Some of the teachers and staff manned water stations and check points along the route. Other staff members walked the route. I ran it. [Keep Reading]

I’ve worked at several different schools in my career and none of them have done the Terry Fox event better. I absolutely loved how we ran on the road all the way to the nearby water tower. It was awesome!

Princess Point Run

When I was in high school, our cross country meets were often held at Churchill Park. This park has soccer fields and a large open green space. It’s the perfect place to host several high school teams. [Keep Reading]

I loved having cross country meets here when I was in high school. I had to go back and try running it again. I have done so a few times. It’s still a nice place to run, but since this post, I have found some great places to run that I enjoy even more. 

Supreme Time Waster

I finally got the Internet at home. And I must say that you can surely get lost in the World Wide Web. I used to be content with just an hour online a day. I still am. I’m not sure what I did after that hour but I didn’t log off. I stayed on and whittled away the hours. [Keep Reading]

I have wi-fi on my phone and at home. The Internet is almost always available. This is so different from going to the library for an hour a day to access it. I should try to get back to that hour a day limit. There is even more ways to whittle away the time nowadays. And so much more that I could or should be doing.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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