Castles in the Snow

These snow sculptures were constructed by teams from all across the country for this year’s Winterlude. They are on display at Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau, Quebec.

I think this is my favourite.

Team Manitoba did a great job on it.

This one shows a group of kids tobogganing. 

Team Alberta made this huge pair of ice skates. The detail is absolutely amazing.

This one is a take on global warming.

The placard explains what it is all about. 
This sculpture shows traditional dog-sledding in a climate where the snow just becomes slush. The dogs are in a boat instead of pulling the sled.
This one shows kids playing under the moonlight.

Here’s a miniature of the snow sculpture that depicts an Inuit man ice-fishing.

I talked to one of the artists and he told me that it took four days to complete the huge snow sculpture you see below.

These works of ephemeral art are really amazing. I don’t know how they get such detail our of a pile of snow. I have a hard enough time just trying to make a realistic snowman. 
This shot just goes to show you the scale of these sculptures. They are absolutely huge and incredibly detailed. I’ve never seen anything like it before.