The Carroll Trail (Coronation Park, Tillsonburg)

It’s time for another photographic tour!

This time we are going to explore The Carroll Trail in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada.

The trail starts in Coronation Park and it offers some paved sections, some gravel sections, and a few rolling hills.

I was all set to “Create My Own Adventure.” I knew I’d be running approximately 5 kilometers of trail today. The map seemed fairly straightforward and I was hoping that I wouldn’t get lost. It was a really warm day and any longer than 5 kms would have been tough.

The trail winds around and through sections of a golf course. 

I like the fact that this was a quiet course away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The trail was very well marked and easy to follow. As you can see, this section of the trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail as well.

This must be one of the reasons they call this golf course The Bridges at Tillsonburg . . .

or maybe it’s because of this one. It’s a little hard to see in this shot but there is a large majestic looking bridge running for several kilometers across the course and trail system.

I’m glad that the trail wasn’t completely flat. I like the challenge of running up hills. I also like how well marked it was and the distance seemed to be accurate as well. I was a little slower than usual for a 5 km run but I did stop and take close to 30 pictures.

I think more trails should be built around and through golf courses. What a great way to use the land for multi-purposes and to provide accessible nature trails for all.

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