Carolinian Trail – Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery Provincial Park is simply breathtaking. It is located on the shore of Lake Huron just south of Grand Bend.

“The Oak Savanna and Freshwater Coastal Dune ecosystems which make up the park are extremely rare and fragile and are home to many equally rare or endangered plants, animals, and insects.”

I really should have taken more pictures of my camping trip to share with you. I was having so much fun that I almost completely forgot to bring out my camera. I did take it along with me when I went for a trail run though. So here is the latest installment of my Visual Running Tours. Enjoy!

“This trail is located in a rich forest dominated by southern species common to the Carolinian forest.  Stairways, benches and viewing platforms make observing nature easy.”

Here’s some more information on the trail. It says it takes an hour to walk and enjoy the nature.

Maybe I should have slowed down and not run through it so quickly. Nah!

I often don’t get the chance to run up so many stairs while doing a trail run. This was a nice challenge.

The trail is quite nice to run through. It was really quiet. I actually didn’t bump into anyone else on this run.

Which way do I go?

Oh yeah. Just follow the arrow.

Wow. This staircase is huge.

And it keeps going and going. Whew! This is a work-out.

Here is a nice viewing platform. But I can’t rest. Must keep running!

I have never been on a trail that has so many stairs. But I’m not complaining. It was a nice quiet run through some amazing woods.

At the side of the trail I noticed a caged in area. I went over to see why a small section of the woods was closed off by a fence.

It was one of several “Deer Enclosures” which allow “researchers to monitor plant growth that is undisturbed by deer browse.”

This park really puts nature first. Many trees have fallen and they are just left there.

You aren’t even allowed to gather firewood.

This is part of the Old Ausable Channel that leads to the Ausable River.

And that was just one of the ten nature trails that Pinery Park has to offer. They even do guided tours and demonstrations there as well.

I definitely recommend going. Book your campsite early since it often fills up. Or just go for a nice day trip. Hope you’ve enjoyed this photographic tour. Check out all the different running tours here.

– text quoted from Pinery 2010 Information Guide

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4 responses to “Carolinian Trail – Pinery Provincial Park”

  1. Hi Chase .. what a lovely park – makes me want to come and join you for a gentle walk (me!) round .. looks really lovely and lots to see and learn about – that stairway to the platform: what a great idea ..

    Love the thought and a visit to Canada .. to the mid part would be so interesting – the Lakes look a magnificent place to visit .. one day!

    Enjoy being back at school .. have a good term – Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    There is also a great beach on Lake Huron there. It definitely is one of my new favourite places. I will be going back for sure next year. If you ever make it this way for a visit, you should check it out.