Canadian T.V. is not an Oxymoron!

I know many people who dismiss any television show simply because it is a Canadian production. These people will make negatives comments and say that a show sucks even without seeing a single moment of it. I can’t really understand this way of thinking.

Canadians have just as much talent as Americans. We have had several hit television shows that have either had Canadian writers, producers, or actors. And believe it or not, we have some excellent homegrown shows as well.

Every year Canadian television is celebrated with the Gemini Awards. Last night’s award show was a succinct affair, clocking in at 64 minutes. It was hosted by George Stromboulopolis and was a great celebration of Canadian talent.

My favourite Canadian show of the moment, Little Mosque on the Prairie, was honoured with the highest award of the program, and deservedly so. It is absolutely hilarious and makes me laugh out loud every week. It is set in a small town and focuses on a group of Muslims and their place of worship. The show is also making inroads in several different countries. It has begun to be shown in Turkey, France, and Israel. It is well written, has excellent acting, and great production standards.

My second favourite Canadian show is Shaye. It is a reality show that follows the trio of singers as they launch their second album and hit the road. I never paid much attention to this band before, but upon watching this show a few times, I was hooked. I bought their latest album and am listening to it right now. These are three very talented ladies.

Other great Canadian shows are Air Farce Live, The Rick Mercer Report, and The Hour (which I have written about before on this blog.) Great shows of the past include The Red Green Show, The Newsroom, The Tom Green Show, and SCTV. I don’t want to bore you with a lengthy list here, but there are certainly more.

You may not have heard of any of these shows, especially if you are not from Canada. But if you are flipping around channels one day and happen to see any of these titles, do yourself a favour and stop for a moment. Give these shows a chance. Let’s appreciate the talent we have in this country and support it.

2 responses to “Canadian T.V. is not an Oxymoron!”

  1. It is ridiculous for anyone to believe that several million people, in a nation that has done much good on the world stage — heirs of a native, English,and French civilization seasoned, as is the US, by immigration — would not produce television worth watching.

  2. I think some Canadians have an inferiority complex when it comes to media. Canada doesn’t have a celebrity base. We don’t seem to celebrate our own talent often enough.

    We acknowledge celebrities who are Canadian and display pride but this usually happens only after success in America has validated our Canadian star. It’s sad. We’ve got such great talent here that often goes unnoticed and underappreciated. It’s time for a change.